5 things tag


"Five random things about yourself, then pass it along to your favorite followers."

I was tagged by the lovely oiltipped

  1. Once I got really stoned and sobbed about the scene in Airplane! where the main characters dance to The BeeGee’s “Stayin’ Alive.” I unironically love that song and will until my dying day. ~rollerblades the fuck outta here~
  2. My failsafe method to get to sleep: soundrown’s rain machine and either the Cracked podcast or a random stand-up comedy album. Something about the rain and the voices puts me right to sleep.
  3. My dream is to manage a couple of fantastic female comedians and for us to form a tight bond and be best buddies and really cool on Instagram. (Even better! We start a podcast where we call out shitty comedians on their shittiness!)
  4. I’ve suddenly become allergic to like everything! Animal dander, certain eye-shadows, flowers.Totally upsetting. 
  5. I seriously could at Moe’s everyday. The only reason I don’t is that I have to drive a few miles down the road to get it. 

I tag the bae team (if they’re down for it, whatevs!): potatqueen, gingerbreadfemmegreatfratsby, dilemmabovary, bearnardsumner